Piano Island Festival | Bangkok

4th International Piano Island Competition 

22-23 December 2021 - Bangkok


10 and Under (Infantile)

Registration Fees - $100

10mins Max - free program including one work by J. S. Bach

• 1st Prize - $250, 1 recital, Scholarship to Weimar Intensive Course, Germany
• 2nd Prize - 30% Scholarship to 5th Piano Island festival
• 3rd Prize - 10% Scholarship to 5th Piano Island festival

Under 18 (Young Talents)

Registration Fees - $100

10mins Max - free program with at least 2 contrasting works

• 1st Prize – $500, 2 recitals, Scholarship to 5th Piano Island Festival 2021
• 2nd Prize - 50% Scholarship to 5th Piano Island festival
• 3rd Prize - 20% Scholarship to 5th Piano Island festival

18 - 35 years (Professional)
Registration Fees - $100

First round by VDO link, the same program as at the competition (20mins) - free program including one important work from the romantic period and one virtuosic Etude by Chopin

• Grand Prix – Full Scholarship to Piano Concerto Festival in Bulgaria, Scholarship to Summer school in France August 2020
• 1st Prize – $1500, 2 recitals in the 2021/2022 season, Scholarships to at least 3 festivals in Europe. Concert management offered by Piano Island Management PTE LTD for 2 seasons starting 2021/2022.

• 2nd Prize - $800, 1 recitals in 2020/2021 Season

• 3rd Prize - $500

• Recording Prize – Piano Island Records Award (Professional Album Release)

 - www.piano-island.com

*** Other special prizes may be offered to prize or non-prize winners of both categories: ***

• Scholarship to Festival in Weimar, Germany 2022

• Recitals in Spain 2022

• Recitals in New York 2022

• Recital in Reunion Island 2022

• Recital at the Esplanade Recital Studio 2022

• Recital at the Hammerklavier Festival in Barcelona 2022

• Recital at the Chopin Fest in Belgrade 2022


  • Jury members will consist of invited guest artist, internationally renowned teachers and performers.

  • Any jury member with students competing in the competition is to opt out of voting - The president of the jury will get 2 votes in this case.

  • The decisions of the jury at every round of the competition are final.

  • The Jury may award or withhold any prize as deemed fit.

  • All performances will be open to the general public.

  • The works at every round must be performed from memory.

  • The works may be performed with or without repeats at the contestant's discretion.

  • Competitors who are not available to perform when called upon to do so by the Jury may be disqualified.

  • All works must be communicated precisely, including key and opus number, on the application form or by email.

  • It is possible to present students who are not yet 18 in the higher category.

  • All prize winners may be requested to perform at the prize winner's concert. Refusal to perform will result in the immediate disqualification of the prize.

  • The Piano Island Festival Competition is sole holder of the rights to all video or audio recordings and Internet broadcasts in all stages of the Competition. Competitors cede to the International Piano Island Competition, without remuneration.

  • In some cases foreign competitors will need visas. Applicants should consult the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate for advice.

  • No refunds will be made to any withdrawals of participation

  • By sending the application form the participants declare that they approve the terms and conditions mentioned in the regulations.

All applications must be received no later than 1st September 2021

Please contact us if you require further information - pianoislandfestival@gmail.com

11 Rue de la Guyane | La Réunion, France 97490 | pianoislandfestival@gmail.com | Tel: (RE)+262 0692077214/(SG)+65 97677599

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