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Piano Island Festival | 5th edition
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2 - 11 December 2022


5th Piano Island Festival Team

Who We Are


Congyu Wang

Founder & Director / Artistic Director

Having studied in France as a Singaporean at a young age, I have personally been through tough times as a struggling musician. Through my journey, I realized the importance of having the right platform to enhance musical education from a young age and to be connected to other musician friends from around the world. Being a concert pianist myself, I often put myself in the shoes of my festival participants, and understand their needs and wants. From my personal experience being in France, I have managed to build a good network of world-class piano teachers, and many of them became close friends over time. Piano Island Festival is the platform I have created for participants to have an easy access to learn from these piano masters despite their busy schedules. I believe that through this festival, we will be able to create more bonds between students and our faculty members; and open up further opportunities for participants to study abroad.


Poom Prommachart
Artistic Director

As a musician, I believe that Piano Island Festival will open many doors of opportunity for young pianists. Aspiring musicians get to complete their formal education sooner with world class pianists and pedagogues. They will also gain exposure to international collaboration throughtout our festival which consists of masterclasses, concerts, lectures, competitions and tours. Through this process, it will make the participants more open-minded, more passionate and more visionary. I look forward to direct this festival to benefit all participants. See you soon in December 2022.


Maryam Raya
Artistic Advisor / P.R

Maryam’s passion for the interconnectivity of all art forms has led her to perform in places outside of the traditional recital hall such as art galleries, museums, fashion and film festivals, including Couture Fashion Week in both New York City and Cannes, France. Additionally, she has collaborated with New York’s leading industry professionals in fashion and film. Through her “Poetic and Genius Recitals” as described by The Further Magazine, Maryam is passionate about making classical music accessible to the younger generation and connecting with audiences around the globe through her social media.

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Jeremy Yeo

Director / General Manager / CEO

Jeremy Yeo is friendly, passionate, and devoted to providing well planned and immersive piano festivals, concerts, and competitions to give every participant a very educational, enjoyable and memorable experience through the festival. I hope all participants can have a great time and build lifelong friendships internationally with other participants. I can't wait to see all of you in December 2022 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Jesse Lai

Secretary / P.A

Being a Jazz pianist and music educator by trade, I am naturally delighted to have been invited once again as part of the team dedicated to fulfilling Piano Island Festival's mission of motivating young musicians to hone their craft in playing the piano. Having seen many prodigious talents from previous editions of the festival achieving success in their careers over the past few years, I am confident that there will only be more of the same this time round in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in December.

Monica Lake

Being a consultant for many years, I am happy to be the festival consultant for Piano Island Festival 5th Edition. I will assist in ensuring a smooth flow of events, presentation, and a great experience for all competitors and festival participants.

Woman in Office

Jason Tan

Hi everyone, I am Jason Tan from Malaysia. I am part of Piano Island Festival Administration and IT department. Hope to see you all at the festival in December 2022.

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