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Piano Island Festival | 6th edition


6th Piano Island Festival


You may apply for both Festival and Competition via the application page

In collaboration with our twin festival - the audition rounds may also be considered for Piano Concerto Festival

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Congyu Wang

Founder & Director / Artistic Director

Having studied in Europe at a young age, I have personally been through tough phases as a struggling musician. Through my journey, I realised the importance of having the right platform to enhance musical education from a young age and to be connected to other like minded musicians from around the world. Being a performer myself, I often put myself in the shoes of my festival participants and understand their needs and concerns. From my time living in France - performing and organising, I managed to build a strong network of world-class piano teachers, and many of them became close friends over time. Piano Island Festival is the platform I have created for participants to have an easy access to learn from these piano masters despite their busy schedules. I believe that through this festival, we will be able to create more interaction between students and our faculty members; and open up further opportunities for participants to study abroad.

Due to the high number of applications in the past editions, Piano Island will organise preliminary selection rounds from February 2024. The International Piano Competition will be broadcasted live.

Masterclasses will be ticketed events. 

(All applicants will have to be screened and vetted carefully)


Live Screening Rounds

Preliminary Round


Xiamen 30 Dec

Taiwan 3-5 Feb

Macau 1-2 Mar

Hong Kong 3-4 Mar

Guangzhou 05 Mar

Shenzhen 06 Mar

Changsha 07 Mar

Chengdu 09 Mar

Shanghai 10 Mar

Beijing TBC

South East Asia

Bangkok 26-27 Mar

Singapore 30 Mar


Los Angeles 12 Apr

San Diego 13 Apr


Milan 2-3 Apr

Paris 4-5 Apr 

Barcelona 26-27 Apr

Zagreb TBC


Video Selection

For applicants who are unable to travel for the live audition rounds. You may apply with a video recording

until the 15th of May 2024.

Maximum duration: 20 minutes. Free selection of solo piano works of at least two different styles, including virtuoso works. Single movements are accepted.

Applicants may submit one video containing all works, or separate videos for each work. All videos must be filmed with both the pianist’s face and hands in the frame at all times. If submitting all works in one video, recordings may be paused between each repertoire selection. Each work on the video must be a continuous and unedited performance. Videos must not be filmed more than 24 months prior to submission.

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The Screening Jury

6th Piano Island Festival 2024

Congyu Wang (Chairman)


Zhou Yun


Ernest Su


Vasco Dantas


Danijel Gašparović 


Wilson Chu


Istvan I Szekely


Dr Rixiang Huang


Cai Hongbo


Yen Chun Chieh


Members of the jury will vary from location of live audition and may include other jury members. 


Join us as a participant at the 6th Piano Island Festival in Indonesia from the 21st of July - 28th of July

Learn from the world's best piano masters through masterclasses and conferences 


Take part in our International Piano Competition held in Singapore from the 29th of July - 1st of August

Play to a world class jury panel consisting of world renown musicians

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